Welcome to SAXRT

"Where the Best come to Play"

At SAXRT, we provide high quality freeware content for N3V's Trainz Simulator.

Our content is available through the Downloads tab on the Main Menu

Welcome to SAXRT

Welcome to SAXRT, home to the best freeware content for Trainz.  On our site you will find a range of railroad equipment, scenery, sounds and routes that use all the latest innovations in Trainz.  Also, be sure to stop by our forum to participate in our current discussions, get previews on future releases, and meet some fellow rail enthusiasts.


Support the Future of Trainz!


Content Compatibility

SAXRT Supports TRS 2009 SP4+

Railroad Equipment

We create accurate replicas of engines and rolling stock for Trainz that utilize the latest innovations in graphics and scripts to further enhance the realism.


In addition to engines and rolling stock, we create highly detailed scenery objects to create a believable scene in Trainz and to replicate a real place on our routes.


"/At SAXRT, we create high quality routes that make use of the latest content available for Trainz along with scripts and content that allow for the most prototypical operation on the route.

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